Vegan Skincare: Belenos Skin Botanique



I love skincare. Working in the beauty industry, the last 6 months have been an induction into how to keep my skin looking youthful and glowing. Eye creams, neck creams, hand creams… I’ve learnt the difference between what I need to nourish and protect my skin, and what not to waste my money on. I now have a perfectly curated and effective routine that works for my lifestyle, and I love it.

As with most facets of my lifestyle, I opt for vegan alternatives where possible, avoid brands that endorse animal cruelty, and aim to shop locally.

As a New Year’s resolution for myself, I vowed to use up my existing collection of skincare products that are slowly taking over my bathroom. But then I got a DM.

It was Rhi, the founder of Belenos Skin Botanique who offered to send a couple of products for me to try.* Of course I said yes, I’m not one to turn down skincare as lovely as this.

Belenos Skin Botanique is a brand that adheres to all of my shopping goals. I discovered their Instagram account last year and followed with interest. Their ethos ‘every ingredient has a purpose’ resonated with me; I loved the transparency, and the fact that the products were vegan and palm oil free.

Rhi sent me the Cucumber Cleanser and the Repair Serum.

The cleanser is oil-based, with 6 active ingredients. I’m used to a water-based cleanser, but the weight of this cleanser was so light and surprisingly moisturising, that I’m seriously thinking of making the permanent swap. It smelt like freshly cut cucumber, and hydrated my skin wonderfully.

I didn’t know what to expect with the Repair Serum. I have tried so many serums that claim to make my skin glow and look its best. I often find that serums feel great on my skin before bed, but when I wake up, I can’t see or feel the difference. I have naturally good skin; I don’t have acne and drink enough water throughout the day, but I want to make it look like I’m energised and have had a lot more sleep than I actually have.

At £14, the Repair Serum is extremely reasonably priced. As soon as I opened the bottle (made from glass, not plastic of course) I could smell the Neroli, and I knew that we’d get on. This serum is a beautiful elixir of luxurious oils. My skin felt nourished and hydrated as it drank the potion in, as I was providing it with all the vitamins it needed (A, C and E).

I’m excited to continue using these products, and look forward to my skin looking and feeling even more pampered.

(I may have to invest in some more storage!)

*Items gifted, all views are my own.

To check out these products for yourself, head to:


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