Tell Your Friends London

My favourite thing about eating at Vegan restaurants is that you don’t waste time searching for the vegan options on the menu – you can order anything.

At TYF, their curated menu offers ethically sourced seasonal produce, and everything is plated beautifully. Also, their crockery is gorgeous.

I can’t ignore a brunch menu, and on Saturdays, it’s extended until 4pm! We ordered the French toast with bananas, berries and custard, and the chocolate and hazelnut pancakes. They were delicious, and at £9.50 each, standard London pricing for a great meal.

TYF’s vibe is cool too – there’s pink neon signing, shelving covered with plants and a plush pink sofa.

The staff were lovely and friendly, and made sure we were enjoying our time there.

The table next to us ordered the mac’n’cheese, so that’s what I’ll order next time I visit.

If you go on a weekday, check out what offers they have on, because you might get a pretty sweet deal.

TYF are also on Deliveroo – massive bonus!


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