Save the planet in just one step

Happy Earth Day 2020!

Find out how you can help save the planet in just one step.

This year, climate change has been slowed by the millions of people staying at home due to COVID-19. Flights have been grounded, cars are parked and we’re consuming fewer fossil fuels by staying at home. Ecosystems are benefitting from the reduced pressure placed upon them and are beginning to rejuvenate. Just take a look at Venice’s canals! 

So how do we maintain this after lockdown ends?

Eat more plants. Eat less meat.

Adopting a lifestyle that precludes factory farming is vital for a healthy planet. We’re living proof that as a cohort reducing our travel, we have a direct impact on the climate. Now it’s time to ensure we maintain it.

The livestock sector (rearing pigs, cows and chickens) generates as much greenhouse gas emissions as cars, trucks and automobiles combined.

Joseph Poore, from Oxford University states that reducing our intake of meat and dairy is more effective than ‘cutting down your flights or buying an electric car.’

It’s therefore imperative to become ‘meat conscious’. We need to understand that our daily choices have a direct effect on climate change. Shifting our diet to include more plant-based foods will also help to combat soil, air and water pollution, ocean dead zones and deforestation.

However, eating meat is a cultural staple throughout western societies, so it may not be an easy change for some people, as it’s ingrained in our sense of what’s normal.

Here’s what you can do to help:


  1. Limit your weekly meat consumption by planning vegetarian meals, and eventually vegetarian days.
  2. Introduce more fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds into your diet and try something new.
  3. Get friends and family members to help. It’s not all or nothing, and we can always do better than the day before!

Take care of yourself, and take care of the planet.

Happy Earth Day!


Eating Less Meat, More Plants Helps the Environment

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